Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bryson Meets His Uncle Brad For The First Time

Bryson's Uncle Brad was in Iraq when he was born. So, Bryson did not get to meet him until he was three months old.

Chelsea and Brad love to eat at Wasabi when they come home, so this was Bryson's first trip to a Japanese restaurant.

At Wasabi.

With Kiki and Papaw at Wasabi.

One night while Chels and Brad were in we played Apples to Apples. Bryson enjoyed playing as well!

Nanny cooked one of her famous meals for Brad and Chelsea; this was at their house after dinner.

Bryson and his Great Grandfather.

Chelsea and Brad had a cook out with their friends. Bryson was invited and had so much fun, he loves being the center of attention!

Chelsea and Brad's friends have a baby that is about three weeks younger than Bryson. We put them in the crib together. Bryson immediatly turned to his side to see what was in his crib. They were so cute together.

We took Bryson to Cades Cove; he loves being outside.

We put his feet in the water and he loved it!

Nana's Birthday

Carol, Drew's mom, Nana to Bryson, had a birthday this past week. We went out to dinner and then to Drew's grandparents house for some pictures!

Bryson Meets the Stitts Family

Drew and I took Bryson to Chattanooga to meet a very special family. Eric and Amy Stitts are great friends of ours and these are their children, Marybeth (with the curls), Matthew (with his hands on Drew's head, completely showing his personality!), Emily (with pig tails) and John Robert (he broke his collar bone at the beach). We had so much fun spending time with them!

Visit with Uncle Craig and Aunt Amanda

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July

For Bryson's first 4th of July, we took him up to Cades Cove for a picnic. We had a picnic with Kiki, Papaw, Nana, Popa and Aunt Emily.

Bryson loves to play "Patty Cake" with his Kiki!

Hilton Head Island

This was Bryson's bath right before we left for his first beach trip to Hilton Head Island. We split the trip on the way down into two days, three hours the first day and then four hours the next. He did fine on the way down. Our trip home was not as peaceful, however. We left Hilton Head at 10am and got home at 9:30pm; a seven hour trip was turned into an eleven hour trip!!!! Needless to say, Bryson did not like sitting in his car seat on the way home.

This was Bryson's first putt-putt game. He slept most of the time. It rained on us and Mommy beat Daddy!! :)

This was Bryson's first day on the beach. Apparently while we were there, for the first time in 20 years, Hilton Head had sticks all over the beach. It was unfortunately not very pretty, but still nice.

Surfer Dude!

Harbor Town was beautiful.

I love this outfit!

This outfit is an outfit his Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Brad got him because it had sail boats all over it!

Clinton now lives in Savannah, so one night he met us for dinner because Hilton Head is only about 30-45 mins from Savannah.

There are alligators all over Hilton Head!

Bryson's first time in the ocean! He was not sure what to think about it, but he did not cry!

Daddy trying to wear Bryson's hat, too small!

Sleeping baby on the beach.

On this trip, Bryson became very alert and started looking at the animals on his bouncy seat. He would love to sit in the seat and talk to his "Woodland Friends" as we call them.

Another four generations picture!

Mommy and Bryson outside of Salty Dog Cafe.